My Plan

My Plan is a new person-centred approach we created to help you plan for the things you want to do and achieve in your life - now, and into the future. 

It puts you at the centre of planning and includes new tools that support you to have more choice and control in identifying your goals and support needs.

The My Plan tools are designed to ensure that your circumstances, priorities and preferences are taken into consideration when developing your plan.

This helps to ensure that your treatment, rehabilitation and care services are flexible and tailored to your life and individual needs.

How it works

A planning facilitator will be engaged by us to assist you with My Plan. They will get to know you after your injury and provide you with as much support as required to ensure you are at the centre of decision making, including the direction of your plan and service provision.

Your planning facilitator will then meet with you regularly and help you to review your plan, and identify any new goals and supports you need.

They will help you request funding for the reasonable and necessary treatment, rehabilitation and care supports required to achieve your goals

My Plan relies on a collaborative partnership between participants and their families, us and service providers.

Your involvement in planning for your supports following a serious injury helps keep the focus on you and your situation – what is important to you and what you want to do.

Does this change what we fund?

No. Services funded by us still need to be injury related treatment, rehabilitation and care.

However, your planning facilitator can work with you to help you plan for other ways you can achieve your goals if it is not something that can be funded by us. This should all be included as part of your plan. 

This is different to how your goals and supports may have been written in our previous planning tool (the Community Living Plan or CLP) where the focus may just have been on your injury related goals and support needs.

Further information

Your LTCS coordinator can talk with you about My Plan and help identify a suitable planning facilitator for you if you don’t already have one. 

A planning facilitator is usually a case manager or may be a LTCS Coordinator.

We have a My Plan information sheet. There is also a more detailed My Plan booklet.

MyPlan forms for planning facilitators are available on the planning with participants page.

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