Managing your supports

In the early years after your injury, you usually have a case manager to assist you develop your plan, choose service providers and arrange your supports.

As you move from the intensive phase of your rehabilitation and your needs stabilise, it is important that you are able to develop your independence and be able to move forward with your life.

We can offer participants, whose needs have stabilised, the opportunity to manage some or all of their own supports.

Under a self-management agreement, we pay you your approved funding each month into a nominated bank account, and you can arrange, manage and pay for your own supports. As part of this arrangement, you need send us a report each month showing us how you have spent the money.

You may consider managing your attendant care supports, or some or all of the supports in your My Plan.

Eligibility for self-management

If you meet the following eligibility, we can consider you for self-management:

  • You are a lifetime participant in the NSW Lifetime Care and Support Scheme.
  • Your care and support needs are sufficiently stable and predictable.
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You are not bankrupt.

If you have an appointed guardian or financial management order in place, wewill need to talk to you about whether you can be considered for self-management.

You may also wish to consider having another person manage your supports on your behalf – this is known as a nominee arrangement. We can consider requests for a nominee arrangement where:

  • You are a lifetime participant in the NSW Lifetime Care and Support Scheme.
  • Your care and support needs are sufficiently stable and predictable.
  • Your nominee is legally allowed to make decisions on your behalf, such as:
    • You are under the age of 18 years and the nominee is your parent or legally appointed guardian
    • If you are over the age of 18 years, and the nominee holds a legal power of attorney or is the appointed financial manager for you.
  • Your nominee is at least 18 years old.
  • Your nominee is not bankrupt.

Suitability for self-management

In considering your suitability for self-management we will complete a safeguarding plan with you (and your nominee if relevant) to ensure we are satisfied that:

  • Self-management would not place you at an unacceptable risk of abuse, neglect or harm;
  • You (or your nominee) understands their responsibilities under self-management and is able to manage these; and
  • Any significant risks to you can be reasonably mitigated.

How we will work with you if you would like to consider self-management

Your icare lifetime care coordinator will support you if you are considering self-management, so you can understand the options available and decide what suits you best.

Your coordinator will complete a safeguarding plan with you (and your nominee if relevant) to ensure you (or nominee) are able to manage the tasks involved in self-management, and to make sure you won’t  be placed at an unreasonable level of risk in the circumstances.

You may want to move towards self-management in the future, but do not currently have the skills to manage things yourself. We can fund capacity building activities to help you develop the skills you need.

When you transition to a self-management arrangement, we expect that in most cases, that you will no longer require the support of a case manager. This is because you have the skills to manage your own supports. Your coordinator will provide an ongoing contact with you and will help you if any new needs or issues arise.

You may want to continue to meet with your (previous) case manager or an experienced planning facilitator on an annual basis to help you to revise your plan and prepare and cost a new plan for the coming year.  We will usually support this.

If you are interested in managing your own supports, talk to your coordinator, or you can email us at

Can I pay my family or friends to provide my care?

No. Under a self-management arrangement, you are not permitted to employ or pay your family or friends to provide support to you.

More information

You can find out more in our Managing your supports information sheet.

You can read more detailed information about self-management, the range of options and what is involved by downloading the Self-management handbook (PDF) or visiting the Self-management handbook HTML version.

Some people may want to consider directly employing their support workers. If you are considering this you can find out more by downloading the Employing support workers handbook (PDF) or visiting the Employing support workers handbook HTML version.

You can also ask your coordinator to give you a printed copy of either of these handbooks.

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