Disputes about your needs

You may disagree with us on a decision we've made about your treatment, rehabilitation or care needs.

It's OK if you don't agree with us and it won't affect how we treat you.

What to do

We want to help resolve any disagreement you might have about your treatment, rehabilitation or care. You should first talk to your LTCS Coordinator who may be able to find a solution.

You can also contact our Manager of Assessment Review on 1300 738 586 to discuss your concerns.

We may contact others involved with your care, (e.g. a service provider or family or friends) and arrange a meeting to discuss the issues.

If we cannot resolve things informally, you can also lodge a dispute:

A dispute:

  • can only be lodged about a decision we have made about your treatment and care needs and notified to you in writing on a certificate
  • must be lodged in writing within 28 days of receiving the certificate.

It will then be reviewed by an independent dispute assessor who will inform you of their decision in writing along with their reasons for making that decision.

We have a number of information sheets with additional information you might find helpful:

Further information

Disputes about eligibility

Disputes about your treatment and care needs are different to disputes about your eligibility for the Scheme. See Disputes about eligibility for more information on resolving eligibility disputes.


Disputes are different to complaints.

A dispute relates to a decision made by us about your eligibility, or your treatment, and care needs. A complaint can be made about any aspect of our organisation, including our conduct or a service or product that's paid for by us.

For more information about complaints, see Compliments and complaints.

Disputes and complaints for participants of the ACT LTCS Scheme

We have an agreement with the ACT Lifetime Care and Support Commissioner to pay for treatment, rehabilitation and care for participants of the ACT Lifetime Care and Support Scheme on behalf the Commissioner.  We use the ACT LTCS Guidelines to make these decisions. 

The information above still applies if you are a participant of the ACT Scheme and wish to lodge a dispute or complaint about your needs. The independent dispute assessor will also use the ACT LTCS Guidelines to make their decision.