Compliments and complaints

We encourage you to give feedback that will help us improve the services provided to you. We are committed to responding quickly and fairly to all feedback and complaints about the Scheme.

You may want to give a compliment when you are happy with the service we have provided. This helps us to know when we are doing well and to continue to provide a good level of service to other participants.

A complaint can be about:

  • our policies, procedures, guidelines, service staff
  • policies, procedures, service or staff of someone paid by us (eg your attendant care provider or a treating health professional)

Complaints can be made by:


Online feedback form.


ATTN: Assessment Review Team
Lifetime Care
GPO Box 4052, Sydney NSW 2001



1300 738 586


1300 738 583

Find out more about making a complaint by reading  our feedback information sheet.


Disputes are different to complaints.

A dispute relates to a decision made by us about your eligibility or treatment and care needs. A complaint can be made about any aspect of our organisation, including our conduct, or a service or product that's paid for by us.

For more information on eligibility disputes see Disputes about eligibility.

For more information on disputing a decision about your treatment and care needs see Disputes about your needs.

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