Planning with participants

My Plan is the person-centred, strengths based planning approach that Lifetime Care uses to help participants plan for the things they want to do and achieve – now, and into the future.

My Plan puts participants at the center of the planning process. It promotes a working partnership between participants and their families, Lifetime Care and service providers.

My Plan’s new tools ensure that participants’ circumstances, priorities and preferences are at the forefront when developing their plan and promotes more choice and control for participants in identifying their goals and support needs.

My Plan is holistic. The planning facilitator (usually a case manager) helps participants think about all of their goals and support needs, even when this includes things that can’t be funded by Lifetime Care. Together, the facilitator and participant work out what is needed and where it can be sourced. This approach ensures that supports are flexible and tailored to the participant’s individual needs and goals.

MY Plan process

There are three phases in the My Plan process and each phase includes a number of modules (forms):

Engage Phase

Introduces the participant and the key people in their lives to My Plan and the planning process. It primarily involves introductions and information exchange and starts to build the relationship between the participant and planning facilitator.

Assess Phase

Involves assessment after the participant leaves hospital. Its purpose is to understand the participant’s experience of their health condition and support them to be as actively involved in planning as possible.

Plan Phase

Is informed by the information gathered in the Engage Phase and Assess Phase. It involves working with the participant to reflect on their strengths, their treatment and supports, and their goals, as well as setting new goals and identifying new support needs.

There is more detailed information in the Planning Facilitators Manual about our approach to planning and the My Plan phases and modules.

MY Plan toolkit

The My Plan toolkit includes documents and tools available for participants, their families, planning facilitators and anyone else interested in knowing more about My Plan. It includes:

Information for participants and carers.

Information, resources and forms for planning facilitators

  • Five eLearning modules which explain the My Plan approach are available in our learning management system Lifetime Learning
  • The Planning Facilitator’s Manual guides planning facilitators in adopting the My Plan approach and using the toolkit with participants
  • My Plan forms or modules for each phase:

Planning facilitators should refer to the manual to help understand how each of these modules is used in planning with participants. The My Plan checklist can be used to indicate which modules and have been completed and includes signed agreement from the participant or their family. We also have a detailed FAQ for planning facilitators. We also have a detailed FAQ on the Quality of Life questionnaires used in the Assess Phase.

Please refer to request services for participants for other specific forms that need to be used for requesting services for discharge from hospital, attendant care, equipment, home modifications, education and vocational services, and travel for participants or providers.

My Plan training

All current approved case managers were invited to My Plan workshops in October and November 2015 around NSW.

All other service providers or case managers who were not able to attend a workshop in 2015 can still complete the eLearning in Lifetime Learning.

In 2016, My Plan training will be incorporated into our training program for all new service providers and we may run some additional workshops for current case managers if there is demand. See training and Workshops and subscribe to E-News for training updates.

Who you can contact for information

If you have any questions about My Plan, please contact the participant’s LTCS coordinator on 1300 738 586.

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