Case management

Case managers are often the primary point of contact for participants and service providers and are responsible for organising and requesting most treatment, rehabilitation and care for participants.

Our participants have severe injuries which often require treatment, rehabilitation and care from multiple service providers. These services are usually requested as part of a plan developed by the participant and their case manager.

The case manager will work with the participant to identify their goals and supports they might like to use to help achieve their goals. They will then work with us and service providers to get the services the participant needs.

Not all participants need a case manager. Services can still be requested directly through the icare lifetime care coordinator when no case manager is involved.

For more information on case managers and what is expected of them, read our case manager expectations document.

Approved case managers

All case managers within NSW must be approved by us to deliver services to Scheme participants. Once approved, case managers are listed in the case manager finder.

Case managers new to providing services under the LTCS Guidelines can be approved as "new" providers and receive mentoring throughout their initial skills development period.

Becoming a case manager

If you want to become an approved case manager (Lifetime Care) you need to complete these documents and submit them to us via

See Publications on this page for information about Police Checks and Working with Children Checks required for working with icare lifetime care for both private and NSW Health approved case managers.

You must also provide details of a current Working with Children Check as part of your application if you will be providing paediatric services.

Applications sent to us will be reviewed on a quarterly basis, in March, June, September and December, noting that applications should be submitted by the 10th of each review month to be processed in that quarter.

We currently require all new case managers to attend an Introduction to the Scheme workshop and the Case Management in the Scheme workshop prior to completion of their mentoring period. These workshops are advertised on our training and workshops webpage and in our E-News and Momentum.

New case manager mentoring program

If you are a new case manager (Lifetime Care), you're expected to take part in a mentoring period following receipt of your first referral.

If you're working for an organisation that already employ one or more approved case managers (Lifetime Care), you'll receive mentoring as a part of your usual workplace supervision. Where no mentor is available, we will source and allocate one for you.

We have an information sheet with answers to frequently asked questions about this program which you might also find helpful.

New case managers must assess their own competency development according to our case manager expectations.

Together with your mentor you will determine when you are ready to apply for full approval as an approved case manager (Lifetime Care).

If you're a new case manager you need to submit the following completed documents to us via

If you have any questions about mentoring read our information sheet or call Dianne Croker on (02) 9216 3244 or email

Case manager finder

We maintain a data base of approved case managers who can deliver case management to Scheme participants.

This database is available for use by service providers, participants and their families and the wider community. It can be used to locate potential case managers from specific localities and/or with specific experience and skills.

Case manager finder

Updating your details

Approval as a case manager is given to individuals, not organisations. This means that you retain your status as an approved case manager (Lifetime Care) if your employment circumstances change but we need to know about any changes to maintain an up-to-date case manager finder.

Use the request to amend details form to update your details and send it to

Case managers who change employers will also need to submit:

  • New terms of approval (see Publications list for relevant Terms of Approval & Schedules)
  • Service provider profile - optional template
  • Details of your insurance (as outlined in the Terms of Approval) if privately employed.