Attendant care providers

We pay for attendant care services to support participants living at home and in their community.

Attendant care providers offer services like:

  • personal care (like bathing and getting dressed)
  • domestic services and home maintenance (like cleaning and lawn mowing)
  • home nursing (like managing medicines and other medical needs at home)
  • supporting the participant to return to their family and community lives (like shopping for and preparing meals or support to attend activities)
  • implementing rehabilitation programs (like support to attend appointments and carry out home programs).

To receive attendant care services, participants should first have a review with a health professional who can identify their injury-related needs. This professional should discuss with the participant (or their family member where appropriate) what types of supports are available to help them and how much attendant care they would like to receive.

See, Requesting services for a participant for the forms and procedures for documenting care needs and requesting attendant care services.

Service providers should attend training on how to review care needs and request attendant care services for participants in the Scheme.

See our Attendant care program information sheet for more information.

Finding an attendant care provider

Participants can choose their attendant care provider from a list of approved providers who have been appointed to a panel because of the quality of their service.

We have an attendant care finder to help you support participants to find a provider specific to a local area that can meet their needs.

Attendant care finder