We produce a range of newsletters for participants and their families and carers, for case managers and service providers, and for anyone interested in the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme.

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This is our newsletter for participants in the Scheme. It's about sharing stories from participants, their families and carers. If you are a participant, Shine is posted to you. If you would like to share your story in Shine you can email us or phone 1300 738 586.

Latest issues

Issue 9 (Standard Page )

Issue 9 (PDF File 483.3 KB)

Issue 8 (Standard Page )

Issue 8 (PDF File 434.1 KB)

Issue 7 (PDF File 1.7 MB)

Issue 6 (PDF File 4.2 MB)

Issue 5 (PDF File 753.3 KB)

Issue 4 (PDF File 870.1 KB)

Issue 3 (PDF File 1.2 MB)

Issue 2 (PDF File 746.2 KB)

Issue 1 (PDF File 827.1 KB)


This is our newsletter for approved case managers. It provides information on training events, frequently asked questions, projects, and legislative and policy changes. If you would like to provide feedback on, or contribute to Momentum, you can email us

Latest editions

Edition 11 (web version)

Edition 10 (web version)

Edition 9 (PDF File 141.1 KB)

Edition 8 (PDF File 985.4 KB)

icare lifetime care enews

This is our newsletter for service providers and other stakeholders interested in the Scheme. E-News is distributed via email, subscribe to the icare lifetime care enews.

Latest issues

Issue 92 - 12 April 2017 (web version)

Issue 87 - 9 June 2016 (PDF File 170.4 KB)

Issue 86 - 12 May 2016 (PDF File 189.1 KB)

Issue 85 - 24 February 2016 (PDF File 150.3 KB)

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