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FIM and WeeFIM

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Functional assessment using either FIM or the paediatric version WeeFIMŪ is part of the eligibility criteria for participation in the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme if the injured person has sustained a brain injury, amputations or burns.

The WeeFIMŪ tool and the appropriate age norms must be used if the child is aged between 3 and 8 years.

The Australasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre (AROC) holds the territorial licence for the FIM and the WeeFIMŪ in Australia. AROC provide and coordinate ongoing education, training and certification in the use of the FIM and WeeFIMŪ.

To find out more about FIM training from the AROC website, click on this link:
http://ahsri.uow.edu.au/aroc/index.html or contact AROC via email: fim@uow.edu.au.

The Authority has a list of FIM and WeeFIMŪ Service Providers (210 KB).


FIM and WeeFIMŪ score sheets

The Lifetime Care and Support Authority have developed score sheets for the FIM and WeeFIMŪ.  These forms include a section where the clinician completing the form can indicate which scores relate to the injury and reasons why the score has been given.

The LTCS score sheets must be used for all Lifetime participation applications. It is preferred that the LTCS score sheet is also used for application to the Scheme as an interim participant.

Information regarding the FIM and WeeFIM is also available on our Information Sheets page under Information for Service Providers


FIM and WeeFIMŪ training and credentialing

To use the FIM and WeeFIMŪ assessors need to attend training and pass an online exam to become credentialed. Once an assessor has passed the exam, credentialing remains valid for two years, after which time the exam must be sat again.

The Authority runs limited FIM and WeeFIMŪ training each year. For more information, please go to the Training and Workshops page

For more information abut credentialing and the exam, please go to the relevant section of the AROC website.