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Case Management

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Case Management in the Lifetime Care & Support Scheme

In 2010 the Authority published Case Management in the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme  (136 kb)

The document was drafted after extensive consultation with key stakeholders and formed the basis of forums run by the Authority on case management in the Scheme. The purpose of the document is to articulate the models under which case management is currently delivered to participants of the Scheme, and as such will be up-dated periodically. It also outlines the Authority's expectations of case managers and quality service delivery.

In 2012 the expectations of case managers delivering services to Scheme participants were more fully articulated in the Case Manager Expections  (235kb).

Approved Case Managers (LTCS)

In 2012 the Authority introduced the requirement for case managers within NSW to be approved by the Authority to deliver services to participants of the Scheme. Once approved, case managers are listed on the Case Manager Finder data base on the LTCS website.

Case Managers new to delivering services under the LTCS Guidelines can be approved as a "new" provider and receive mentoring throughout their initial skills development period.

Further information regarding the approved case manager (LTCS) initiative is available in Approved Case Manager (LTCS) Information Package (October 2011) (130kb)


Service providers wishing to become an approved case manager (LTCS) need to complete the following documents and submit them to the Authority via casemanagement@lifetimecare.nsw.gov.au

New Case Manager Mentoring Program

New case managers (LTCS) are expected to participate in a mentoring period following receipt of their first referral of an LTCS participant for case management. New case managers (LTCS) working for organisations which already employ one or more approved case managers (LTCS) will receive mentoring as a part of their usual workplace supervision and mentoring arrangements. Where no such mentor is available, the Authority will source and allocate an appropriate mentor.

The LTCS mentoring program is based on adult education principles in which the new case manager (LTCS) bears primary responsibility for their own learning and competency development. More information regarding the anticipated roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders under the mentoring program is available in Approved Case Manager LTCS Mentoring Program (329kb)

What happens when I have completed my mentoring period?

New Case Managers (LTCS) will assess their own competency development according to the Case Manager Expectations  (233kb). Together with their mentor they will determine when they are ready to apply for full approval as an Approved Case Manager (LTCS). The New Case Manager needs to submit the following completed documents to the Authority via casemanagement@lifetimecare.nsw.gov.au:

If you have any questions regarding the approved case manager (LTCS) initiative, please call Dianne Croker on (02) 9394 1344 or email casemanagement@lifetimecare.nsw.gov.au.

Case Manager Finder

The Authority maintains a data base of case managers approved by the Authority to deliver case management services to Participants of the Scheme.

This database is available for use by service providers, participants and their families and the wider community. It can be used to locate potential case managers from specific localities and/or with specific experience and skills.

Some case managers are listed according to their service or business name, and others by individual name. To find out more about the service providers listed, follow the link to their personalized information page, or contact them directly using the contact details provided.

Click the 'ACM List' button to display a list of all currently approved case managers

Click the 'Case Managers' button to search for an approved case manager using the LTCSA Case Manager Finder tool

What if my details or employment circumstances change?

Approval as a case manager for LTCS is attached to individuals rather than organisations. This means that you retain your status as an approved case manager (LTCS) if your employment circumstances change. The Authority needs to know about any changes to your circumstances to maintain an up-to-date Case Manager Finder database.

Please use the following form to provide the Authority with any data amendments.

Case Managers who change employers will also need to submit

Learning and Development

 The Authority currently requires all new case managers (LTCS) to attenda an Introduction to the LTCS Scheme workshop prior to completion of their mentoring period. This workshop is advertised on the LTCS website and in the LTCS E-News. Subscription to E-News can be requested from the LTCS website.

Throughout 2013 the Authority will develop a series of learning and development strategies for case managers. These strategies are expected to include on-line learning modules, a case manager's newsletter and workshops or forums on a range of topics.